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Introducing the Jean Fitting & Styling Experience at the Keystone store!

It’s SO hard to find a GREAT pair of vintage jeans, right? The label size is always different than how we think they will fit. We try on ten pairs, none work out, and we leave without the vintage jeans we’re on the hunt for this season…

When you schedule an appointment with us, our employees will accurately measure your hip and waist measurements. We will then assist you in finding the perfect fitting jeans that match your exact proportions! 

During your appointment, you will be guided through our extensive selection of  vintage jeans. We will help offer recommendations to help you make the best choice based on exact desired fit and style!

You can rest assured that you’ll leave our store with jeans that make you look and feel great!


 With our Personal Shopping Experience, you’ll enjoy these additional perks:

-Get $10 towards your next Hot House purchase – use on the day of your appointment or any time in the future.

Ready to finally find the perfect pair of vintage jeans with the help of an accurate jean fitting? 

Book your $5 Jean Fitting & Styling Appointment today!