Personal Stylist

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Introducing the FIRST TIME EVER Personal Stylist Shopping Experience at the Keystone store!

When you schedule an appointment with us, our employees are here to provide a personalized shopping experience, ensuring you leave with a fit that has you feeling incredible!

Our team becomes your personal style guides, committed to helping you find the perfect look based on your preferences and style inspirations! We will share fashion tips and assist you in navigating our mixture of vintage and new clothing, creating outfits that match your style!

How does it work? It’s so easy! 

1. Book your Personal Shopping Experience Appointment here!

2. Before you arrive, we will send you a Personal Shopping Experience Questionnaire to give us an idea what you are looking for, your inspirations and your style!

3. We will go through our inventory, selecting pieces that match the information you provide before you even arrive! 

4. Once you arrive, your personal stylist will walk you through their recommendations and continue making selections for your desired look.


With our Personal Stylist Shopping Experience, you’ll enjoy these additional perks:

-Get $10 towards your next Hot House purchase – use on the day of your appointment or any time in the future.

Excited to finally find those perfect fits that you have saved on your mood boards? 

Book your $5 Personal Shopping Experience today!