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Introducing the BEST EVER Shopping Playlist Experience at the Keystone store!

Say hello to your perfect personalized Hot House Market shopping playlist! Hot House Market music experts will curate a customized shopping playlist just for you and your friends to enjoy while browsing our vintage selection!

How does it work? It’s effortless!

1. Book your Shopping Playlist Experience Appointment here!

2. Once you book an appointment, we’ll send you a quick Playlist Questionnaire to give us an idea of what and who you’re into before you arrive!


With our customized shopping playlist, you’ll enjoy these additional perks:

– Get $10 towards your next Hot House purchase – use on the day of your appointment or any time in the future.

– Receive a Hand Written List of songs on your Custom Shopping Playlist and also listen to your Personalized Playlist on the Hot House Spotify Account.

See you soon for a truly personalized retail experience with the power of music!

Book your $5 Shopping Playlist Experience today!